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This Slick S550 Pays Homage To The Late Hoonigan Ken Block

Updated: Jun 8, 2023


Some vehicles just lend themselves to customization. Mustangs have always served as a foundation for enthusiasts to manifest their personalities with modifications. For some, that means creating all-out race cars. For others, it is about building pristine show machines. Then we have those who fall somewhere in the middle. Regardless of where you fall, very few are ever really “finished” in the eyes of their owners.

In the case of Jason Brozak, his 2015 Mustang GT became the blank canvas onto which he could bring his artistic visions to life atop its slippery sheetmetal. For him, it’s been about cars for as long as he can remember, but when he laid eyes on the first Mustang created for a global audience, he just had to have one.

Jason’s S550 wears a Victor Racing Active Aero wing, carbon fiber side skirts, and a carbon fiber front splitter underneath its vibrant image. Rolling on staggered Cosmis XT206R 20-inch wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes tires, it rides low courtesy of Eibach Sportline springs.

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