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ACT-C7 Corvette C7 Smart Active System

ACT-C7 Corvette C7 Smart Active System

PRODUCT AWARDS: The SEMA Show 2019 Award Winner 


PRESS HONORS: "The Coolest Thing...At SEMA This Year" - Jalopnik (11/05/2019)


Victor Racing’s ACT-C7 Smart Active Aero Wing is a 70” carbon fiber airfoil specifically designed for the Corvette C7 coupe.


The swept-back arm design adds unique styling found in exotic or hyper car models to your vehicle. The actuators are located on the support arms so minimal space in needed in the trunk or engine bay area for the controller box.


The only cables needing management from the wing to your car are two standard power cables, which are wired to the controller module and then the standard 12v power lines to your battery / fuse box.


The ACT-C7 is controlled by dual fast-action actuators for variable downforce. Just connect 12v power and the onboard sensors and software will automatically position the wing for five (5) different positions including: DRS, Downforce 1, Downforce 2, Downforce 3, and Aerobrake from one of the three user programable presets. 


· Professional Racing Series PS100: 70" Carbon Fiber airfoil

· Dual fast-action heavy load actuators

· Built-in CPU with GPS, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope sensors

· Software algorithms for automatic airfoil control

· User definable speeds for positions of the airfoil within each of the three presets

· Easy installation - just provide 12v power, no need to tap into car wiring harness

· Optional remote for real-time adjustments with instant DRS and selection of the downforce positions of the airfoil while driving.

· Universal fit


Black weave carbon fiber airfoil and end caps. Only white logo on the end caps. Airfoil in description picture custom colored to match our test car only.


NEW PS100 Ultra Low-Drag Professional Series Wing. This new wing is designed to break records as it has an extremely aerodynamic shape that will dramatically increase the to speed of any vehicle while still providing substantial downforces, which are more than sufficient for the vehicle.


In our testing using a Shelby GT350 N/A engine car on the Circuits of the Americas track, the car gain 10mph in top speed using our Smart Active System equipped with the PS100 wing over the stock static wing.


The PS100 is a six-layer wing: 2 layers of fiberglass mesh and 4 layers of 3D dry carbon fiber that is then baked in an autoclave. Guranteed to speeds up to 200mph, the PS100 Wing is in a class of it's own.


Watch the Victor Racing SEMA Product Video Here:


Jalopnik's Article About Victor Racing's Active Aero Products:

  • Professional Installation Recommended

    Please note we recommend professional installation of our Smart Active Aero Wings.

  • Warranty and Return Policy

    All Victor Racing products come with a one (1) year warranty against defects and failures when used within prescribed parameters. Our smart active aero products are custom-built and not eligible for return. If the products are defective we reserve the option to repair or replace the product. 

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