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SPT2 - 58" SPT1 Airfoil / TRK1 Brain - Smart Active Aero Wing

SPT2 - 58" SPT1 Airfoil / TRK1 Brain - Smart Active Aero Wing

PRODUCT AWARDS: The SEMA Show 2019 Award Winner 


PRESS HONORS: "The Coolest Thing...At SEMA This Year" - Jalopnik (11/05/2019)


This is a special combination package with the SPT1 58” carbon fiber airfoil and the TRK1 Electronics.


Victor Racing’s SPT1 Smart Active Aero Wing is a 58” carbon fiber airfoil controlled by dual fast-action actuators for variable downforce. Just connect 12v power and the onboard sensors and software will automatically position the wing for five different positions including: DRS, Downforce 1, Downforce 2, Downforce 3, and Aerobraking from one of the three user programable presets. 


· 58" Carbon Fiber airfoil

· Dual fast-action heavy load actuators

· Built-in CPU with GPS, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope sensors

· Software algorithms for automatic airfoil control

· User definable speeds for positions of the airfoil within each of the three presets

· Easy installation - just provide 12v power, no need to tap into car wiring harness

· Universal fit


· Innovative smart feature allows you to set the amount of G-Force needed before aerobraking is initiated. This allows you to decrease your speed when needed for better control of your car but only have the wing go into aerobraking position when you press down hard for actual braking.


· Multiple Modes - Demo, Manual, and Automatic. Demo mode will automatically move the wing for display at car meets and events. Manual Mode allows you to manually override the programmed presets to move the wing into any of the positions you like in real-time. Automatic Mode is the normal operating mode where the built-in computer and sensors control the wing per the settings you have programmed. 


· Easy installation - just provide 12v power, no need to tap into car wiring harness


· Optional steeering wheel DRS button for real-time adjustments with instant DRS and selection of the downforce positions of the airfoil while driving.


· Universal fit


Base price includes 10.5" tall supports and 30" actuator cable rods. Options sizes available in pull down menu to the right. Please note total height is about 2" higher than the support height due to additional parts in the mounting structure. Controller box containing actuators can be place away from the airfoil using longer actuator cables. Custom supports and cables not offered as standard options are available. Contact us with your specific requirements.


Watch the Victor Racing SEMA Product Video Here:


Jalopnik's Article About Victor Racing's Active Aero Products:


Actual product may differ from images as they are updated from time to time.

  • Professional Installation Recommended

    Please note we recommend professional installation of our Smart Active Aero Wings.

  • Warranty and Return Policy

    All Victor Racing products come with a one (1) year warranty against defects and failures when used within prescribed parameters. Our smart active aero products are custom-built and not eligible for return. If the products are defective we reserve the option to repair or replace the product. 

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