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STAT-PS100 200mph Wing

STAT-PS100 200mph Wing

The New STAT-PS100 is the WORLD’s ONLY wing that’s GURANTEED up to 200mph!


The Professional Series PS100 revolutionary six-layer design consists of 2 layers of fiberglass mesh and 4 layers of dry carbon fiber that is then baked in an autoclave.


Compared to the competitors which are normally a layer of fiberglass mesh with a single layer of carbon fiber, the PS100 Wing is in a class of its own.


Adjustable attack angles are available, enabling you to fine tune the amount of down-force that’s perfect for your car. The support brackets can be place at any distance apart, making the STAT-PS100 a true universal-fit product!




· Universal fit


· 70" Multi-Layer Carbon Fiber airfoil with over-sized endcaps


· Mulitple attack angle settings


· Oversized foot pads and ½” billet aluminum support arms


· Structural reinforcement plate for rear decklid


· Stainless steel hardware for maximum strength and anti-rust properties (black color bolts, nuts, and washers)


· Rubber gaskets for waterproofing and anti-scratching for the foot pads


· Perfect height for aerodynamics


· Track tested up to 200mph


· Easy installation


· 1 Year warranty and support


  • Professional Installation Recommended

    Please note we recommend professional installation of our Aero Wings.

  • Warranty and Return Policy

    All Victor Racing products come with a one (1) year warranty against defects and failures when used within prescribed parameters. Our smart active aero products are custom-built and not eligible for return. If the products are defective we reserve the option to repair or replace the product. 

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