STAT-UV: 70 Universal Static Wing

STAT-UV: 70 Universal Static Wing

The STAT-UV is a universal carbon fiber wing for use with most cars. Inspired by the Corvette C8.R racing cars, the STAT-UV brings styling and aggressiveness, which blend perfectly together with any exotic car.




· 70" Carbon Fiber airfoil with aluminum endbells


· Three attack angle settings


· Oversized foot pads and ½” billet aluminum support arms


· Structural reinforcement plate for rear decklid


· Stainless steel hardware for maximum strength and anti-rust properties


· Rubber gaskets for waterproofing and anti-scratching for the foot pads


· Perfect height for aerodynamic and unobstructed view of the rearview mirror


· Track tested up to 140mph


· Easy installation


· 1 Year warranty and support


The 70" carbon fiber airfoil is light yet strong, providing superior performance on the road, highway, or racetrack. The aluminum endbells are the perfect size and shape to help provide downforce, while reducing drag. The aircraft-grade aluminum used can be painted, wrapped, or even powder-coated to provide a durable accent finish to your car. Three different attack angles are available from nearly flat to aggressive.


Oversized foot pads combined with 1/2" billet aluminum support arms provide a rock-solid foundation to support the wing and minimize vibrations. A custom structural reinforcement plate is inserted into the inner cavity on the inside of the decklid to provide additional support and rigidity for the high-strength stainless steel bolts to lock into. This mounting system forms the basis of the STAT-UVand is track-