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Victor Racing wins 5 SEMA Awards and Three-Peats!

Our goal was to win another SEMA award this year to make it three years in a roll. Instead, we were lucky enough to win 5 SEMA awards!

Victor Racing's Smart Canards are the world's first Active Aero front canards.

The canards can move together or independently. When moving together, the Smart Canards can be set to different attack angles relative to the speed of the vehicle to provide the appropriate amount of downforce.

The Smart Canards can also move in opposite directions from each other to help pivot the front-end of the vehicle for additional stability in turns.


The standalone system includes two canards, a built-in computer, various sensors, and software algorithms. There is no need to connect it with the computer / ECU of the vehicle. All that is needed is 12v power.


The system is a universal fit product and third-party canards can be used for a perfect fit for each vehicle. Mounting of the supports of the system can be connected to various parts of the vehicle as needed.

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