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World's FIRST Active Aero C8 Corvette

Austin, Texas – October 28, 2021 - Victor Racing announced today that they will be releasing their new ACT-C8 Smart Active Aero Wing for the Corvette C8 at the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas Nov 2 – 5. Although there have been years of speculation about Corvette models having active aero technologies, this will be the World’s First Active Aero equipped Corvette, which will finally fulfill the dreams and desires of Corvette enthusiasts everywhere.

Traditional rear wings and spoilers do provide additional stability and styling, but at a price. Namely, the attack angle of the wing is static, at lower speeds it may not generate enough downforce, while at higher speeds, it may create too much drag. This compromise will in essence, provide insufficient stability at lower speeds and also reduce the top speed of the vehicle. An active aero wing can self-adjust, in real-time, to provide the perfect amount of downforce to keep the car balanced and stable at all times, providing maximum performance.

The new ACT-C8 Smart Active Wing is a 70” carbon fiber airfoil controlled by dual fast-acting actuators for variable downforce. Just connect 12v power and the onboard sensors and software will automatically position the wing for five different positions including: DRS, Downforce 1, Downforce 2, Downforce 3, and Aerobraking from one of the three user programmable presets.

Prominent Features:

· 70" Carbon Fiber airfoil

· Dual fast-acting heavy load actuators

· Built-in CPU with GPS, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope sensors

· Software algorithms for automatic airfoil control

· User definable speeds for positions of the airfoil within each of the three presets

· Smart feature allows you to set the amount of G-Force needed before aerobraking is initiated. This allows you to decrease your speed when needed for better control of your car yet only have the wing go into aerobraking position when you press down hard for actual braking.

· Multiple Modes - Demo, Manual, and Automatic. Demo mode will automatically move the wing for display at car meets and events. Manual Mode allows you to manually override the programmed presets to move the wing into any of the positions you like in real-time. Automatic Mode is the normal operating mode where the built-in computer and sensors control the wing per the settings you have programmed.

· Easy installation - just provide 12v power, no need to tap into car wiring harness

Victor Racing plans to offer the ACT-C8 Smart Active Wing for all models of the Corvette C8 including the new Z06 and future unreleased models.

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